Tony Duquette's living room

Tony Duquette’s living room

“Jeremiah, your painting of our living room is as I imagined it, much more than my actually seeing it, and that is a talent I admire”

– Richard Rodgers

On the last sun-drenched bank holiday of 2013, two dear friends and kindred spirits were leisurely conversing ad nauseam about interior decoration over a scrumptious, al fresco Italian meal. One of the discussions they had was about the place in the future of hand-drawing paintings in this pixel-saturated, CAD-monkeyed world.

A couple of hours and bottles of Gavi later, entered Jeremiah Goodman and the large and heavy book, Jeremiah: A Romantic Vision that A-Gent of Style picked up from the bookshelves, which incited a passionate conversation about the astonishing career Jeremiah Goodman has had since he started his art now 65-odd years.

Jeremiah, as he is simply known, is the famed watercolour and gouache illustrator of some of the most exclusive enclaves in the world who has been commissioned by an illustrious clientèle ranging from the world of literature and theatre (Edward Albee, Greta Garbo, Sir John Gielgud), music (Richard Rodgers), fashion (Yves Saint Laurent, Elsa Schiaparelli, Diana Vreeland, Carolina Herrera), art (Cecil Beaton, Pablo Picasso), interior decoration (Dorothy Draper, Billy Baldwin, David Hicks, Mario Buatta), socialites (the Rothschilds, Betsy Bloomingdale), royalty (The Duchess of Windsor), politics (the Reagans), to name but a few, and more recently influential personas such as Bruce Weber and the Reed-Krakoffs .

His stylish and studied renderings have been published in some of the most distinguished publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, House & Garden, Vogue, Vanity Fair magazines, The New York Times and Interior Design magazine whose covers he illustrated every month for 15 years from 1949 until 1964. He received in 1987 the prestigious Hall of Fame Award in recognition for his contribution in the field of Interior Design. The unstoppable artist – now in his 90s – can be found at his drawing board in his Upper East side apartment every day – working on private commissions but also on commercial assignments for advertisements, catalogues and artworks. Throughout his career, Jeremiah also embarked on numerous furniture design and product design projects such as fabrics and wallpapers.

Greta Garbo's sitting-room

Greta Garbo’s sitting room

Looking at his oeuvre, A-Gent of Style found the enchanting, moody atmosphere and unique air of mysticism that emanate from his plates of artwork compelling. There is such a great sense of emotions, drama and ephemera in each of his watercolours but also depth and movement despite the static nature of this medium. I admire the  way he captures light and shadow and infuse rooms with warmth and personality and consequently bringing them vitality and life.

And the most exciting news is… Jeremiah will be coming to London for Design Week and will be interviewed on the 25th by none other than the amazing Nicky Haslam at the much-anticipated Decorex International 2013 salon. Now that is something not to be missed!

Jeremiah signing Nicky Haslam's Folly de Grandeur

Jeremiah signing Nicky Haslam’s Folly de Grandeur

In the meanwhile, you can purchase his book Jeremiah: A Romantic Vision and buy a selection of his fine paintings in limited edition prints as well as note cards through Dean Rhys Morgan’s, Works on Paper.

Jeremiah’s impressive accomplishment is the living proof and a great reminder that, whilst we should embrace modern technology, there is thankfully still a huge place for traditional, artisanal craftmanship in this mad, fast-paced world.

For now, come and admire with A-Gent of Style the magical and grand world of Jeremiah, slowly, considerately, one plate at a time:

David Hicks's living room

David Hicks’s living room


Diana Vreeland's 'Garden in Hell' sitting room

Diana Vreeland’s ‘Garden in Hell’ sitting room


The Board room of the Vie-a-Merez, Florida

The Board Room at the Vie-a-Merez, Florida

Little Chalfield, the family home of William Bankier Henderson

Little Chalfield, the family home of William Bankier Henderson


Elsa Perretti's bedroom

Elsa Perretti’s bedroom

Edward Robinsons's living room by Frances Ekins

Edward Robinsons’s living room by Frances Ekins


Edward Albee's loft

Edward Albee’s loft


Sir John Gielgud's sitting room

Sir John Gielgud’s sitting room


Tony Duquette's oriental garden

Tony Duquette’s oriental garden

Leonard Stanley's bedroom

Leonard Stanley’s bedroom


Cecil Beaton's garden room

Cecil Beaton’s garden room


Dorothy and Richard Rogers's living room

Dorothy and Richard Rogers’s living room

Betsy Bloomingdale's living room

Betsy Bloomingdale’s living room


The Bedroom of Madame 'X'

The Bedroom of Madame ‘X’


Bruce Weber's living room

Bruce Weber’s living room


Mr and Mrs Dan Melnick's living room

Mr and Mrs Dan Melnick’s living room


Jeremiah Goodman's Goya-inspired bedroom

Jeremiah Goodman’s Goya-inspired bedroom


Cecil Beaton's sun room

Cecil Beaton’s sun room


French Riviera

French Riviera


Reed-Krakoff's living room

Reed-Krakoff’s living room

Carolina Herrera's sitting room

Carolina Herrera’s sitting room

Baron and Baroness de Rothschild's living room, Chateau de Mouton

Baron and Baroness de Rothschild’s living room, Chateau de Mouton


Colonel and Lady Jenner's bedroom

Colonel and Lady Jenner’s bedroom


Jeremyah Goodman's living room

Jeremiah’s living room


Duchess of Windor's country bedroom

Duchess of Windor’s country bedroom


Jeremiah’s living room


Betsy Bloomingdale's living room

Betsy Bloomingdale’s living room



NYC 's Lincoln Centre

NYC ‘s Lincoln Centre

Seattle World's Fair

Seattle World’s Fair, 1961


Seattle World's Fair, 1961

Seattle World’s Fair, 1961


Armani perfume promotion

Armani perfume promotion


Stock Exchange, Melbourne

Stock Exchange, Melbourne




$33.7 million

  is the price of the now most expensive rug but also piece of furniture in the world. The 17th C Clark Sickle-Leaf Persian rug sold at the Corcoran Gallery of Art’s carpet and rug auction held by Sotheby’s in New York City this week.

  It therefore knocks off the c.1917 Eileen Gray “Dragons” chair that belonged to Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé which sold for $27.8 million at the 2009 Christie’s auction.

What recession?!


“Blue and green are never to be seen”

A-Gent of Style proves the old saying wrong in his paean to his favourite colour combination:

Yves Saint Laurent villa in Tangiers


Emma Stone


Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler

Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler


Iznik tiles


By Miles Redd


David Gandy


By Tara Craig at Ensemblier

By Tara Craig for Absolutely Chelsea


By Luca Curci

By Luca Curci


Pierre Hardy

Pierre Hardy

Marquis d'Afflito (1925) by Tamara de Lempicka

Marquis d’Afflito (1925) by Tamara de Lempicka



Piotr Kowalski

Piotr Kowalski





Chateau de la Goujeonnerie by Les 3 Garcons


Jessica Biel

Comme des Garcons


Yves Saint Laurent’s Jardins de Majorelle in Marrakech

Beyonce by H&M

Beyonce for H&M


By Celerie Kemble

Whistler’s Peacock Room at the Freer Gallery of Art (NYC)


‘Blue Mountains and Green Rivers’ silk kimono by Tsuchyia Yoshinori (V&A)


Watercolour by Mark Hampton


Celine trousers

Celine trousers


Madeleine Castaing’s country house


Josef Albers’s ‘Homage to the Square’ (1969)

By David Hicks


Whistler’s Peacock Room at the Freer Gallery of Art (NYC)


cantel by van eilk and van der lubbe

Tory Burch's house

Tory Burch’s house


‘Boite Ziggurat’ by Oeuffice


By David Hicks


By Katie Ridder


By Katie Ridder

By Katie Ridder


Balmain 2013

James Andrew of

Brighton Pavilion


By Michelle Nussbaumer


By Michael S Smith


David Kleinberg with Quadrille fabrics

Peony by Katie Ridder

Peony by Katie Ridder


Tory Burch’s New York apartment

Tiles by William de Morgan

Tiles by William de Morgan


Ubub hanging gardens


Princess Michael of Kent, July 2014

Princess Michael of Kent, July 2014

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