Another reason to envy my friends in Oz!

MakMak macarons (macaroons if you insist) are handmade in Sydney and sold in their store in King Street using the finest quality ingredients in a range of innovative flavours, colours and textures and are 100% gluten free:

Passionfruit, orange and lemon myrtle / Strawberry, vincotto and pink peppercorn /Peach and raspberry /Caramel macchiato /Pineapple and lime /Bounty / Nutella to name a few.

This autumn (as in their autumn or our non-existent spring), MakMak’s Botanicals collection is inspired by the fragrant herbs, flowers and plants of the natural world. And they’ve added some booze too, only for medicinal purposes of course!!

Blood Orange G&T / Smoked Vanilla & Peanut Praline / Apricot & Elderflower /Rhubarb & Rose etc…

And they sometimes make special editions, for instance for New Year’s Eve or Mardi Gras.

Ladurée eat your heart-shaped macarons out!

I hope MakMak decide to open a store in London soon. Or can this justify a trip to Oz? for the sake of research of course!

Now you can feast your eyes on these lil’ morsels of heaven and pulchritude.


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