Amongst the myriads of ideas, innovations and inspirational experiences he had the privilege to engage with last week during the Sleep eventA-Gent of Style was shown the Gallery Hall, upstairs from the Sleep Hotel, where four award-winning scholarship students from the Royal College of Art who completed their postgraduate M.A. degrees in July this year were showcasing their final projects, the fifth year of the NEWH Scholarship association with the prestigious postgraduate art school.

James and his work are on the table, on the left-hand side

James’s products are on the table

A-Gent of Style
had the time to meet and greet only two students (apology to the other two; A-Gent had to rush to the results of the Sleep Hotel competition) which he would like to introduce you to. Both of them are equally brilliant and innovative in their approach to rethinking and redesigning mundane objects of our everyday life.

Today, the first gifted student A-Gent of Style would like to share with you is:

 James Stoklund

James Stoklund is a Copenhagen-born student whose final project “A utensil is not just a utensil” is the culmination of two years of studies on the course of Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalwork and Jewellery. Before enrolling with
the Royal College of Art, James gained professional experience at the Institute for Fine Metals and the luminary Georg Jensen studio, both in Denmark. This year, he won both the Theo Fennel Award (Best in Silver) andthe Graham Hugues Award. Thanks to his impressive background in silversmithing, the Danish artist has now produced sophisticated and nonconformist silver tableware which he has exhibited in various countries. He is currently looking for commissions and investors.

Don’t miss the fascinating video below featuring the utensils in use; it really shows off their sleek aesthetics, holistic approach and original utility, not forgetting James’s playfulness and cheekiness. Check out the name of each object!

This is what A-Gent of style saw and what he was, ahem, ‘boiled’ over by. Genius.

“The collection of tableware is first of all inspired by my own joy for functional things. And it is this joy I want to pass on to others” said James. “I decided to produce objects people want to use or objects that attract people to use them. 
For example, I have found a great spoon for eating my oats in the morning, which has the perfect cup size for the ideal mouthful of oat. This is a good example of ‘a spoon is not just a spoon’ but is a utensil underlining and enhancing a dining experience. Hence, a specific dish should be delivered with the right utensil; the food, its texture and taste should be incorporated in the design of a utensil.”

Point of Light: the concept of the candlestick is balance and simplicity. Making the candle looking like it is balancing on the tip of the cone teases the viewer’s eye. Material: Stainless steel. Method: Lathe.

Fresh Eggs: the egg holder is a response to one-size-fits-all egg cups. Eggs come in different sizes, which this egg holder allows. Material: Stainless steel, food-grade silicone. Method: Lathe. The rubbery egg cup is inspired by the annoying one-size-fits-all egg cups you normally buy at shops. Eggs come in different sizes, but industrial produced egg cups do not and the rubbery egg cup allows for different egg sizes. “At the same time, when I initially pushed an egg through the silicone, I found the movement to reflect the way a hen lays an egg, which for me was very satisfying”, James explains.

Pour Thing: this cup is a milk jug! The jug manipulates with people’s normal perception of everyday life objects by transforming the classic coffee cup into a jug. The weight of the liquid makes the spout. Material: food-grade silicone, resin. Method: Mould-making, casting.

Shake That Booty: the glass has an internal lump (taking the shape of two round buttocks, externally), which makes extra circulation in the alcohol when the glass is swung. Thus the alcohol get more oxidized. Material: Glass. Method: Hand blown. The idea for the glass “Shake That Booty” emerged to help aerate spirits during the drinking experience.

Pass The Salt: salt goes from hand to hand around the dining table as a baton. This salt shaker plays on childhood memories and gives the user a surprising moment. The egg can be detached and filled up with salt. Material: Stainless steel, hen’s egg. Method: laser welder.

Extend The Pleasure: the spoon has an extra long bowl that curves slightly downward. The last touch of the spoon will be extended in a fluid and sensual movement. Hence the spoon extends the pleasure of consuming desert. The spoon comes in 15 and 30 cm. Material: Stainless steel. Method: Handcrafted.

Lick It Clean: the flexible plate helps the eater to scooping up all food. When using a normal ceramic plate, you keep on scraping with a spoon or fork, but there are always leftovers on the plate. Material: Food-grade silicon, brass. Method: Handcrafted. “I have for a while found it annoying not being able to get all food from a ceramic plate”, James explains.”You keep on scraping with a spoon or fork but there will always be leftovers on the plate. Thus my idea for the plate “Lick It Clean” appeared to help you scoop up all the food”.

Fork: the eight long prongs of the fork are flexible thus making the user able to grab food differently. Furthermore the prong gives a delicate and vibrating touch to the lips. The handle of the fork is designed to fit the palm of the hand and to prevent the prongs touching the table and appear more hygienic. Material: Stainless steel, spring-steel. Method: laser welder.


“Most of the tableware we use today has had its look since the 17th century”, James points out. “For example, the fork as we know it today, has had its looks for 300 years. Compared to the evolution of food, the evolution of tableware is protracted and needs to fit the current food trends. Who says the design of knife and fork are the most efficient for our contemporary society, when it has not been challenged for so many years? Everyone knows the feeling of having a spoon in their mouth or the sound of a fork against the plate; these are experiences we have known since we were born. However, most of us do not question the function of these everyday life utensils and what a simple change can do.Thus the design needs innovation and development in order to activate people eating. The dinner experience has been passivated, neglected and appears mechanical without social context. New and innovative eating tools can challenge the eaters and the traditional perception of tableware. I create functional objects for the tabletop that surprise and manipulate people’s normal actions or conceptions to enrich the experience of dining. I challenge the traditional way we eat or pick up food but at the same time consider the food and its consistency in a playful way. My intend with this series of tableware is not to give the users an experience, but hopefully a better dinner experience, different from what we are used to“.

Stay tuned to discover the fabulous world of quirky and revolutionary louvred blinds by genius fellow student Kia Utzon-Frank

– All photos and the video by James Stoklund –


Second day of this action-packed week and A-Gent of Style is prepping this morning for two important events that he will be covering and reporting from in the next three days. Excited doesn’t even start to cover it.

By Kelly Hoppen

By Kelly Hoppen

The first one is the Sleep event, Europe’s annual leading trade event for hotel design, development and architecture, returning once again to London this year. Doors will open tomorrow morning at 10am until Thursday 6pm for two days crammed with exciting and inspiring features comprising the Exhib with suppliers of the hotel design sector showcasing their latest products and innovations, the Sleep Conference with seminars and talks involving influential industry professionals, the Sleep Hotel competition where five designers have created hotel rooms on a theme, the Tech Hub showcasing the latest technology inventions, and finally, an awards ceremony.

This cultural hotspot taking place at the Business Design Centre Islington, London N1 will provide a platform to keep abreast of new innovations and trends and a fantastic opportunity to network amongst industry experts, exchange ideas, and gather inspiration.

The Sleep Conference will be the educational programme of the event and boasts leading international figures taking part in keynote presentations, panel debates and round tables discussions. You can see the full programme and how to register here.

A-Gent of Style is delighted to announce that Sleep have asked him to interview two key speakers amongst the programme:

Catherine Ince, Curator of the Pop Art exhibition at the Barbican and one of the three judges on the panel of the Sleep Hotel

And Inge Moore, Principal & Creative Director at Hirsch Bedner Associates and winner of the 2013 Gold Key Designer of the Year at the The International Hotel, Motel + Restaurant Show (IHMRS)

Both interviews will appear next week on A-Gent of Style in a special feature.

Having reviewed and ‘dissected’ the new London EDITION hotel last month, A-Gent of Style is particularly thrilled to attend a conversation with hotel design guru and this year’s Conference headliner, Ian Schrager.

A-Gent of Style, like many in the industry, was saddened to hear the passing last week of Alex Calderwood, co-founder and owner of the ACE Hotels, and was looking forward to attending his talk. Another design luminary sadly lost this year.

Ace Hotel, Shoreditch, London

Ace Hotel, Shoreditch, London

As in previous years, a dreamt-up Sleep Hotel will be returning and the brief this time is inspired by the widespread interest in, and nostalgia for, the 1960s.

In association with the Barbican’s Pop Art Design exhibition, five designers have been tasked to invoke the spirit of the era within their life-size hotel junior suites rooms and bathrooms in a fictitious hotel originally built during the heyday of Pop Art whilst incorporating products from the 150 hotel industry’s finest product suppliers. The winning room, judged by three key figures including Catherine Ince, will be announced at 7pm tomorrow night from the Sleep Hotel Bar, designed by Nous Design, during the late night networking drinks event (6pm – 8pm), providing a perfect opportunity to engage with industry peers alongside a live DJ set by Michaelango L’Acqua, CEO and Chief Creative Officer, Soniq and complimentary refreshments.

Sleep 2013 is also the official partner of the The European Hotel Design Awards. The EHDA celebrate exceptional hotel design and architecture, honouring the work of industry leading architects and designers, and the projects they create with hotel developers, owners and operators.


A-Gent of Style is thrilled to be invited to the glittering awards ceremony this evening at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge hotel. An expert panel of judges will be choosing the winners from shortlisted entries (the Wellesley hotel designed by Fox Linton Associates, and ‘dissected’ by A-Gent of Style in part 1 & part 2, is nominated in an impressive three categories and Hirsch Bedner Associates, whose European Principal Inge Moore will be interviewing, is up for four awards) and the results will be announced this evening.

As luck would have it, the theme and dress code this year for the gala are the 1920s, the perfect excuse for Art Deco-fanatic A-Gent of Style to Chanel his inner Great Gatsby and don his burgundy velvet smoking jacket.

Stay tuned tomorrow morning as A-Gent of Style will be revealing the winners for each category. If you follow A-Gent on Twitter tonight, you will be able to find out the outcomes live.

And in each category (drum roll)…

Architecture of the Year

Conversion and/or Extension of an Existing Hotel Building

 Conversion of an Existing Non-Hotel Building to Hotel Use

 Newbuild Hotel

Interior Design of the Year

Lobby, Lounge & Public Areas

 Cafe or All Day Dining



 Bedrooms & Bathrooms


 Spa, Health & Leisure Facilities



“The horses are ravishing! Giving should be gorgeous; you should look forward to it”

– Joanna Lumley –

Twelve celebrities, mostly British, of the film, fashion and art worlds have been enlisted by Stars Rocking to design their own rocking horses which will be auctioned to raise awareness and funds for CHIVA Africa, a charity working in South Africa to combat the spread of the AIDS and HIV epidemic in infants, children and teenagers.

Hand-crafted by famous rocking horse makers Stevenson Brothers, each horse has been customised with glorious designs and themes to make them unique:
Judi Dench transformed hers into an ethereal unicorn named SMOW (after her grandson Simon Michael Oak Williams), Joanna Lumley’s was inspired by the fabulous outfits worn by her Ab Fab character Patsy, while Amanda Wakeley’s became a safari Zebra. Other celebrities who have designed a rocking horse include Maureen Lipman, Kelly Hoppen, Stephen Webster, Nicky Clarke,
Julien Macdonald, Melissa Odabash and Nick Walker.


The ravishing rocking horses, all signed by their artists, will be exhibited
at Sotheby’s Kiddell Gallery from 11-14 November 2013, after which they will be auctioned at an invitation-only event on November 14th with all proceeds going directly towards CHIVA Africa.

For more information please contact
or call 0208 2099100.

So, don’t say neigh, say yeah!

Dame Judi DenchThespian

Nicky Clarke & Kelly Simpkin – Hair Stylists

Patsy Sweetie Dahling Stone – Joanna Lumley Impersonator

Stephen Webster – Jewellery Designer

Amanda Wakeley – Fashion Designer

Kimberley Kundle – Artist

Fullscreen capture 05112013 150436

Maureen Lipman – Actress

Rozanne Bell -Painter

Lisa Whatmough – Founder of Squint

Julien Macdonald & Melissa Odabash – Fashion Designers

Kelly Hoppen – Interior Designer

Nick Walker – Street Artist





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