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Designing with art is an art form in itself. When unique interiors display art in the home and best showcase the client’s private collections, the results can be utterly dazzling especially when the boundaries between art and decoration are blurred.

Following the success of last year’s exhibition “From the Gallery to the Room”,
Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler, the worldwide renowned interior decorators’ practice, are delighted to present the 2015 exhibition, in association with Jenna Burlingham Fine Art.

 Starting on Wednesday 17 June until Friday 26 June, “A Room with a View: Art and the Interior” will return to the company’s iconic 39 Brook Street, Mayfair venue, and will have on show works by leading Modern British artists including Ivon Hitchens, Patrick Heron, Roger Hilton, Elisabeth Frink, Winifred Nicholson, Mary Fedden and John Piper.


 “The exhibition gives us the opportunity to show what an exciting dynamic can be created in our Brook Street showroom by mixing our furniture and antiques with modern paintings” says Philip Hooper, design director for Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler. “Jenna’s eye for the decorative means that her works are the ideal foil for our antiques. A Room with a view: Art and the Interior gives a true insight of how we consistently find ourselves decorating houses for the 21st century.”

Visitors will be able to enjoy and appreciate the work of these artists, and engage with Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler’s interiors in a new and unusual way.  This, once again, is a great way of broadening up the art’s appeal where classic, modern and contemporary style connect and merge harmoniously.

 “The exhibition is a wonderful chance for me to work with accomplished interior designers, and to exhibit carefully chosen Modern British and Contemporary art, drawings, sculpture and ceramics in the unrivalled setting of Brook Street” says Jenna Burlingham


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Exhibition opening times: Monday – Friday 9.30am – 5.30pm

For further information, contact:

Colefax Group Press Office Trudi Ballard Email: trudi.ballard@colefax.com Tel: (0)207 493 2231

– All imagery by Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler –


“Marchand de tout, faiseur de rien”

“Merchant of everything, maker of nothing”


Galerie Salon is one of those unique stores that are difficult to pinpoint. Is it an antiques store, a capsule of a flea market taken out of the suburbs, a concept store, a thrift shop, a collectors’ gallery, a micro museum?

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Originally named after a hair salon that was situated at the exact same location in the 1920s, Galerie Salon is a multi-faceted shop that embrace all of those descriptions. Situated in St Germain-des-près, A-Gent of Style paid Galerie Salon a visit during his last stay in Paris last month as he had been alerted about this charming repository of objetscuriosités and artefacts. In this chic Parisian den, you will find antiques from French, Swedish and Italian provenance but also creations by contemporary artists and artisans.

Carole and Stéphane Borraz are the founders of Galerie Salon who have owned the boutique since 2003. Both passionate and consummate antiques collectors who traipse the world in search of great antiques finds and also popular bargain hunts, the couple, who originally met at the Ecole du Louvre, used to own a stand in the flea market of Saint-Ouen and have since amassed and replenished Galerie Salon with an impressive selection of eclectic wonders.

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Since 2010, the Borraz have selected a few contemporary brands and invited them into Galerie Salon to complement their own collection through unique collaborations, and also help usher Galerie Salon in modern times.
Astier de Villatte tableware, John Derian artefacts, Kuhn Kéramik creations,
Le Baigneur soaps, Bonjour Paris and Bonjour New York maps and the latest of them all (and last but not least), the divine (roll drum)…Antoinette Poisson.

Despite their disparate elements, this motley crew of enchanting oddities live harmoniously next to each other and are juxtaposed brilliantly into a cohesive whole, thanks to the seemingly effortless talent of la charmante Carole who has successfully managed to combine in one single room tradition with innovation, elegantly mixing a profusion of styles and genres.

Next time you are in Paris, make sure you visit this wondrous olde worlde shoppe with a twist.

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– photographs by A-Gent of Style – 


After a few weeks of anticipation and excitement, A-Gent of Style is proud to announce the online publication today of the ‘Interiors Curated’ project he has been working on with Christie’s, now live on their website before the print publication in June of the magazine supplement.


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Some of you will now be familiar with the several collaborations
A-Gent of Style has made with Christie’s in the last six months featuring on his blog discerning sales. A couple of months ago, Christie’s Interiors, offered in
South Kensington and New York, approached A-Gent of Style to be one of their ‘Arbiters of Style’ or ‘tastemakers’ to select his favourite picks from two sales coming up in June in London.

To be presented with the unique opportunity to visit the auctioneers’ warehouses in London and make a selection from a thousand odd, one-of-a-kind objets and collectibles in various styles from antique to contemporary was a thrilling experience for A-Gent of Style.

Fullscreen capture 22052014 223040

Choosing 5 or 6 objets out of some 1,000 wasn’t an easy task. Mindful of imagining an eclectic vignette where his six chosen objects would be harmoniously collected in one sitting room, A-Gent of Style’s criteria for his selection were based firstly on aesthetics then origins, originality, quirkiness rather than provenance and value.

Some of you will have seen a teaser on Instagram a few days ago but today,
A-Gent of Style can reveal below the screenshots of his feature which you can also view fully here on Christie’s website.


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Here are some of A-Gent of Style‘s favourite pieces that sadly did not make it to his final edit.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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You can view the full catalogue here

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You can view the full catalogue here

A-Gent of Style would like to thank the staff at Christie’s who have helped and supported him during this project, particularly Charlotte Stewart, associate director, whose expertise, support and enthusiasm were greatly appreciated.

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– All images by Christie’s –

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