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“This is the most important surviving early music hall to be seen anywhere……It is of outstanding architectural and archaeological significance”  The Theatres Trust.

Faded glory. Hidden gem. These are the words that came to mind when I entered the magical world of Wilton Music Hall on a dark and rainy Wednesday evening last week after a friend of mine took me and a couple of his friends for a surprise evening out. I knew we were going to see a performance of The Great Gatsby which in itself whetted my appetite: I am eargerly anticipating the release of



Whilst they might symbolise hopes and dreams for Mayella Ewell in Lee Harper’s To Kill a Mockingbird, Pelargoniums, or geraniums as as they are more commonly known, still evoke, to A-Gent of Style, memories of a carefree childhood days in France where in the summertime his mother, Madeleine, used to (and still does to this day) pot those vermilion-red or fuschia-pink scalloped flowers to adorn her window sills and inject a splash of colour to the family house. A-Gent still vividly remember going every June with his maman on their ritualistic visit to the village greenhouse to choose the best flowers. As you walked in, it was as if you’d been attacked by the effusion of heady smells emitted by the plethora of flower species, which as left an indelible and delectable memory to this day. Madame Bana, as she was known for being the respectable wife of the village headmaster, would eventually reveal with pride (understand ‘show off’ here) a few weeks later to the world and its neighboury, envious desperate housewives, her floral arrangements which won her on a few occasions the village’s much sought-after top prize for the  ‘Maison fleurie’ competition.


A-Gent’s of Style childhood home in Picardie still manicured by maman & papa

Today, geraniums’ pure, delicate, uplifting and distinctive fragrance can be found in an abundance of delightful products.

Proust had his madeleines. A-Gent has his geraniums…
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Jane Birkin with Yann Tiersen – Plus d’Hiver



My new Culture Vulture membership to the V&A. Exciting day!

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