Today, A-Gent of Style celebrates its 200th blog post.

It’s incredible to think how much has happened since the inception of the blog in March. The digital and design spheres are moving at such a rapid pace that I didn’t even notice going past the 100th. Whilst I realise some of the figures and statistics of my site and social media look risible compared to the zillions of hits, views and legions of followers some bloggers get, the growing reception and positive reaction I have received week after week from the UK but also from other parts of the globe have been overwhelming and ever so encouraging. So I thought it would be appropriate to appreciate this modest landmark and send my heartfelt gratitude and thanks to all of my A-Gentees for their support and interest. It has been inspiring and rather intoxicating to express and share my passions through the ‘blogosphere’ and to engage in conversation and exchange dialogue.
So this is a great time to reflect, take on new goals and challenges, and put new pursuits in motion.

Onwards and Upwards!


So you thought it was over? That there couldn’t possibly be another design fair in London this autumn? How wrong can one be!

The Decorative Fair is a thrice-yearly specialist event for the discerning decorator looking to source unusual English and European antiques, original 20th century designs and works of art from all periods to the present day. From opulent show-stoppers to useful furniture, around 140 exhibitors offer a broad range of both fine quality and affordable pieces for inspired interiors, in the relaxed surroundings of leafy Battersea Park. The Fair is fun, fashionable and particularly well-known as an excellent source of painted furniture, Gustavian & Swedish design, 20th century design, lighting, accessories and named-design furniture, and excellent mirrors. Its worldwide reputation, established over 25 years, entices international trade and retail buyers, interior designers, and private customers seeking unique and unusual furnishings and quirky accessories for decorating schemes.

Alidad – Talk & Book-Signing 2nd October


If you missed his talk during Focus/13, the award-winning interior designer Alidad will be giving a free talk ‘Decorating with Antiques & Antique Textiles’ on Wednesday 2nd October from 6-6.30pm, followed by a pre-publication book signing of his new tome Alidad: The Timeless Home. Seats are limited and must be booked in advance by emailing the Press Office on


The futuristic Aether airship is a hybrid concept created a few months ago by designer Mac Byers as his final year project while studying Transport Design at Huddersfield University in England. The imagery conflates various influences from Byers’s childhood such as Star Wars, Thunderbird 2, the Hinderburg and space shuttles like NASA’s. And if you were a kid in the 1980s like A-Gent of Style, you might notice some strong resemblance with The Condor of The Mysterious Cities of Gold (a fabulous televised Japanese cartoon).

Sadly, the Aether is just an imaginary vision that might not come to completion, similarly to the wondrous Eurostar train imagined by Christopher Jenner that I reviewed here a few weeks ago).

A luxury cruise concept based upon an airship platform and the technology currently being developed by Aeroscraft, the futuristic Aether would allow passengers to travel at high speeds in luxury and provide them with breathtaking views.

The idea of a luxury flying cruise ship is not preposterous as space tourism is now a reality. Airship travelling was in fact a means of transport back in the 1930s – a luxurious and precarious one, I grant you, as the 1937 LZ129 Hinderburg disaster can sadly vouch for.

Byers says: “For the exterior, I looked at things that appeal to the young adult generation, the generation that will be the target market for the Aether…
I also wanted to communicate the green credentials of the all-electric Aether. I did this by using clean colours like white and also forming the main balloon into a far more aerodynamic and wing like shape. This also visually shows people that this is a new type of airship, that is safer and cleaner than airships like the Hindenburg of the 20th century.”

The bright open-plan interior incorporates communal areas such as a bar, a dining area and a lounge on the lower level with floor-to-ceiling windows angled outward for better vision of the thrilling vistas around. The ‘private quarters’ are situated on the upper level: generous-sized individual cabins come with a double-bed, a seating area, a bathroom, a large window and storage spaces.

Byers adds: “I wanted the same efficient aesthetic and to get this across I went for a lightweight theme. This can be seen in things like the floating surfaces and cable stairways, influenced by lightweight but strong suspension bridge cables. This airship is based on the technology currently being developed by Aeroscraft. This means it uses its engines as its primary source of lift, while using the Helium to simply offset the weight of the load. It also has an air ballast system allowing the crew to regulate the total weight of the craft by compressing air.”

Wouldn’t it be incredible if the Aether could be built in our lifetime and
the golden age of the airship rekindled?

But first, A-Gent of Style should perhaps start thinking about what he would wear on board…

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