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was jubilant to be introduced to the auction ‘Bibliothèque Félix Marcilhac’ which took place in Paris last Christmas under the aegis of the respected French auction house, Binoche et Giquello.

I was almost lost for words when I saw on display the sheer beauty of the one hundred books with their dazzling covers and compelling binding artistry. Envy didn’t even start to express how much I wished I had Marcilhac’s bibliothèque.

Félix Marcilhac was one of the most eminent historians and experts in the world on Art Nouveau and Art Deco who spent his entire career promoting the Decorative Arts of the 20th C. 

These jewels of the literary and now decorative world were designed at the acme of French Art Deco circa 1925; they are instantly recognisable with their fans, sunbursts, zigzags, chevrons and steps and other ubiquitous elements of the streamlined, geometric and polished Art Deco movement.

They were the creations of the illustrious French artists Dunand, Goulden, Jouve and ‘master ‘ J.L Schmied who revolutionised the aesthetics of the book after WWI with their ingenuity and the sheer talent of their craft. The typography, graphics, illustration and bookbinding skills are exceptional. 

Here is A-Gent of Style‘s selection of some of the spectacular books Marcilhac amassed in his life and which have now become highly coveted collectables, as you can see by the price tags below.

Félix Marcilhac’s son owns one of Paris’ best antiques galleries of 20th C furniture which A-Gent of Style never fails to visit on his trips. If you are after Adnet, Arbus, Chareau, Czaky, Dunand, Dupre-Lafon, Frank, Dominique, Jouve, Lalique or Poillerat (one of my favourites) or other renowned ensembliers from the 1920s to the 1940s, then Galerie Marcilhac is the place for you.



You may remember that last week A-Gent of Style was in Kensington’s Holland Street to review the Yastik shop and its splendid cushions but also to attend a private view at Willer A-Gent‘s favourite home decor boutique in London.

Quietly tucked away from Kensington High Street, Rebecca Willer’s eponymous gallery has become an unmissable and essential destination boutique for discerning designers, architects and private collectors sourcing and coveting exquisite and unique objets ranging from ceramics, metalwork, lighting, furniture, textiles and tableware.


Having unlimited access to some of the world’s top artisans and manufacturers, Willer offers an exceptional and unparalleled selection of specialist and hand-crafted products, and without pomp or fanfare, collaborates with artists on exclusive and innovative projects and limited editions. Willer can also work closely with clients on private commissions to realise their specifications and design objectives – always an intoxicating process for any Interior Designer.

Thanks to the owner’s flawless aesthetics and design flair, the boutique is beautifully curated and edited and an utter feast for the eyes: exciting contemporary designs are gracefully interspersed with bespoke or antique pieces in serene and chic surroundings. Ceramic, metal, glass and wood complement and fuse effortlessly with special finishes, colours and glazes.

Everything at Willer is synonymous with elegance, sensuality, refinement, customisation and rarity.

From the Lynn Chadwick 1953-1996 bronze candelabras to Massimo Micheluzzi’s glass work and Claudy Jongstra’s wool and silk throws, you will also find Paul Mathieu hand-cast, signed cast bronze furniture and his hand-blown Murano glass lighting juxtaposed for instance with a Tom Dixon’s solid bronze ‘Pivot’ candelabra with four mobile arms next to a Paul Philp’s hand-built, sculptural stoneware pottery and A-Gent of Style’s all-time favourite, the divine array of earthenware tableware and cutlery. I have two items so far but I could have them all.


IS the perfect one-stop shop with that special je-ne-sais-quoi for your home. It’s always a delight to visit the gallery to see my friend Miles de Lange – Willer‘s Marketing Director and ‘Best Dressed Man in London’ according to A-Gent of Style – and his equally charming colleagues.












Next time you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of Kensington High Street, make sure you take refuge in Holland Street and pay a visit to Willer and Yastik. And there’s also an Ottolenghi next door to get that much-needed post-retail therapy sugar rush…What else do you need!?




It’s finally arrived!

One of the highlights on London’s design calendar.

Now in its fourth year, Masterpiece London is back to bring together exhibitors from across the world renowned for specialising in art, antiques and design of the highest calibre. Each day, exhibitors will present insights into their given area of expertise so if your interest is portraits or pocket watches, mirrors or miniatures, Degas or diamonds, Masterpiece London gives you the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the finest examples at the fair and to learn from the world’s leading luminaries.


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