A situation reminded A-Gent of Style yesterday that whilst interior design is a wonderful profession that can embellish and enlighten people’s life, and an industry he relishes working in and takes seriously, it is hardly open-heart surgery and sometimes a touch of humour, irony and self-deprecation can go a long way.

Did any of you morph into Mrs Blandings lately??

From Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (1948) directed by H. C. Potter and starring Cary Grant and Myrna Loy.

Have a lovely weekend everyone




A-Gent of Style was delighted to hear lately that Le Louxor, the flamboyant Egyptian Revival Art Deco landmark cinema, has now reopened its doors after a 25-year hiatus with a selection of art house and foreign films to be shown in one main room and two smaller ones. The refurbished building can also boast a restaurant, a bar and a terrace overlooking Le Sacré Coeur.


Opened in 1921 in the sketchy Barbès area, in the north of Paris, Le Louxor was once one of the jewels of Egyptian-inspired Art Deco replete with pillars, papyrus motifs and pharaohs’ heads and wowed its audience with silent movies and live orchestras. A decade later, the talkies took over and after WWII, the cinema fell on hard times. It screened its last film in 1983 at a time when it had lost its lustre and stood empty looking like a crumbling eye sore from 1987 after being used as a gay club.


Thanks to the hard work of a citizen’s group to regenerate Le Louxor in 2001, renovations started in 2010 (after many quarrels with the Paris authorities) and reopened on April, 18 2013. The main 1,000-seater screening room is now a richly decorated triumph of gold-tinted walls, painted hieroglyphs, floral motifs and friezes, and an amazing art-deco skylight.

Here is the resurrected spendour of an abandoned Parisian cinema.

Cinema AND Art Deco. Stupendous.


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A-Gent of Style saw Michel Gondry’s quirky and phantasmagorical L’Ecume des Jours with Audrey Tatou and Romain Duris. A visual feast!



The Cannes International Film Festival is 66 this year. The prestigious, world-renown and European-centric festival kicks off today on the sun-kissed French Riviera until May 26. A-Gent of Style takes you on a small tour to see some of the films that have made it to the Official Selection 2013 and the members of this year’s jury. It looks like another diverse, rich and exciting festival ahead. May the best win the coveted Palme d’or!

Clockwise: Jane Campion, Agnes Varda, Lynne Ramsay, Nicole Kidman, Daniel Auteuil, Thomas Vinterberg, Vidya Balan, Christoph Waltz, Ang Lee. Centre: Steven Spielberg, President of the Jury

The jury (clockwise): Agnes Varda, Lynne Ramsay, Nicole Kidman, Daniel Auteuil, Thomas Vinterberg, Vidya Balan, Christoph Waltz, Ang Lee and Jane Campion, presided by Steven Spielberg


Opening Night Film: The Great Gatsby by Baz Luhrmann

Behind the Candelabra by Steven Soderbergh with Michael Douglas and Matt Damon

Un Château en Italie (A Castle in Italy) by and with Valérie Bruni-Tedeschi (sister of former French ‘First Lady’ Carla Bruni)

La Grande Bellezza (The Great Beauty) by Paolo Sorrentino

Jeune & Jolie (Young & Beautiful) by Francois Ozon

La Vénus à la Fourrure (Venus in Fur) by Roman Polanski

Le Passé (The Past) by Asghar Farhadi with Bérénice Bejo (from The Artist)

Only God Forgives  by Nicolas Winding Refn

Michael Kohlhaas by Arnaud des Pallières

As I Lay Dying by James Franco

The Immigrant by James Gray with Marion Cotillard and Joachin Phoenix

Inside Llewyn Davis by Ethan and Joel Coen

 Any Lovers Left Alive by Jim Jarmusch with Tilda Swinton and John Hurt

The Bling Ring by Sofia Coppola

Blood Ties by Guillaume Canet with Clive Owen, Marion Cotillard and Mila Kunis

Closing Night Film: Zulu by Jérôme Salle with Orlando Bloom and Forest Whitaker

And Cannes wouldn’t be Cannes without a bit of controversy. You won’t see Nymphomaniac with Charlotte Gainsbourg since its director Lars Von Triers was declared persona non grata since his Nazi gaffe at the 2011 festival. Pity!

As you can see, actresses more than their male counterparts will top the bill this year.  A-Gent of Style can’t wait to ogle at the celebrities arriving on the red carpet tonight in their couture regalia. Werk it, gurlz!

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