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Over the last couple of years, A-Gent of Style has covered many a sale specialising on 20th C design on this blog, and the relevance and importance today of this speciality is showing no sign of dwindling. On the contrary.

So when you think the auction design market could not get anymore saturated with antique and vintage pieces, cometh a new (-ish) player on the scene who comes up trump with new acquisitions and collectibles.

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Enters Paris-based auction house Piasa Auctions who is currently dedicating a sale and accompanying exhibiton in its Left Bank space to an important selection of objets by Scandinavian masters in dialogue with equally iconic American and Brazilian designers. This group of architects and designers frequently collaborated and merged the modernist vernacular popular in Europe and the USA with traditional Brazilian techniques and indigenous materials such as rosewood.

Today’s auction focuses on the relationship between these three important regions in furniture design gathering stellar designers such as George Nakashima, Flemming Lassen, Arne Jacobsen, T.H. Robsjohn-Gibbings, Kaare Klint, Poul Henningsen, Hans Wegner, Axel-Einar Hjorth, Edward Wormley, Paul Evans, Jorge Zalszupin, Joaquim Tenreiro, Sergio Rodrigues, José Zanine Caldas.

After considerable success in 2013 and 2014, this evening’s sale will be Piasa’s fifth in this genre and will be grouped under 294 different lots showcasing a selection of sought-after pieces with a pre-estimate of 1.5 million euros.

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Piasa will concurrently offer a large section of the sale focusing on 40 important pieces by Axel Salto with important private provenance such as Raf Simon’s private collection. 

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In preparation for the imminent and eminent sale, 
A-Gent of Style  spoke to Cédric Morisset, Head of the Design Department at Piasa.


Why the timing of this sale? why is it relevant today?

We anticipate the general international auction schedule. It is important for us to open the new season.

What do you attribute the importance and relevance of these designers to today?

Scandinavian design can be seen as the most looked-after design by high level collectors. Brazilian and American design are the next big thing according to me, although the rarity of Brazilian design doesn’t allow the market to bloom. I have more hopes on American design by Paul Laszlo, Paul Frankl, Paul Evans,
G. Nakashima,T.H. Robsjohn-Gibbings etc…

Is there a mix of provenance? do the pieces come from private collectors, antique dealers, museums? 

It’s always a mix of provenances. Always a lot of private collectors.

Is there a common denominator between these designers and these pieces?

There are a lot of historical and style connections between Brazilian, American and Scandinavian design. A few examples:  a lot of Scandinavian designers have worked in the USA (Eero Saarinen for instance for Herman Miller). Also, most of the Brazilian designers were migrants coming from Europe and inspired by the Scandinavian taste that they have adapted to local materials and workshops. Finally, most of the Danish and Swedish designers were using a lot of precious Brazilian woods such as rosewood.

What makes a piece ‘timeless’ or ‘iconic’?

It’s a tough question to answer, but a ‘design classic’ is a  manufactured object with timeless aesthetic value. It serves as a standard of its kind and, despite the year in which it was designed, is still up to date. What makes it timeless is its innovation, its simple elegant shapes, balanced and pure. Maybe also its perfect conception.

Are there any pieces in the sale that are rare and that have not been ‘seen’ in any sale in a long time?

Several vases by Axel Salto, rare and unseen, notably big with a beautiful enamel. Also a fantastic desk by Larsen and Bender Madsen (lot 83), only piece of this time known so far. A rare Hans Wegner “Crocodile” cabinet produced to a few copies only.

Which pieces do you think will generate the most interest and why?

Probably all the Axel Salto pieces. Because gathering such a collection is really hard and the quality is exceptional.


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You can view the full catalogue of the sale here

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– photos by PIASA –



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On his last day in København, A-Gent of Style hopped onto a train towards Gentofte, 20 minutes north of the Danish capital, to enter the enchanting world of


 TAPET-CAFE (tapet meaning wallpaper in Danish) is the internationally renown Danish firm specialising in the design and production of hand printed textiles, wallpaper, custom-made curtains and fine upholstery which also creates bespoke interior designs for boutiques, designer stores, restaurants, hotels and private homes. And last but not least, they are also purveyor to the Royal Danish Court – hence the royal stamp of approval on their logo.

Back home in the UK, TAPET-CAFE has established itself primarily as discerning creators of paper hangings, familiar to A-Gent of Style as they are represented by Helen Cormack at Tissus d’Hélène, the go-to boutique textiles showroom in London’s Design Centre. The award-winning TAPET-CAFE make regular appearances in leading design magazines and has exhibited at Decorex in the last two years with arresting vignettes.


Decorex 2013


Decorex 2014

Decorex 2014

Founded in 1974 and still based in Gentofte, Copenhagen, in what used to be an old dairy and family house, the company is now owned by Jannik Martensen-Larsen – whose family business has been running through generations – and his wife Helene Blanche, both of whom A-Gent of Style has had the privilege to meet in London on a couple of occasions in the last few years, and these days, on a daily basis via Instagram – where else!



Having successfully designed over the years various collections of wallpapers for other companies, Jannnik and Helene, Head of Design at TAPET-CAFE and a textile graduate from Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London, decided to launch a few years ago their own wallpaper and fabric collection, The Private Collection, under their own name. All drawn and painted by hand, Helene’s striking creations are suffused with a traditional Danish legacy and Nordic influences mixed with a contemporary feel that ranges from botanicals and romantic, poetic motifs (favourite: The Tea House), to bolder graphics and Art Deco (favourite: Deco Fan), all telling different stories.

“My ambition and dream has been to create a design house of patterns and colours – a world of interiors, focusing on bespoke wallpaper and textile designs”, says Jannik. “It is a privilege to develop and expand our family business and we value to work with craftsmen, designers and clients through generations”.

A-Gent of Style didn’t expect less from his visit and the TAPET-CAFE boutique showroom, situated a stone’s throw from the train station; whilst the charming and almost centenary-old building has been repainted in striking burnt orange, the interior is handsomely enveloped by a plethora of harmonious colours and patterns, combining a mix of the company’s own products as well as carefully selected design brands represented in Denmark by TAPET-CAFE such as De Gournay, Jennifer Shorto, Chelsea Textiles furniture and Farrow & Ball.

“I constantly experiment with hand drawing using a mix of charcoal, ink and watercolour, to create the first sketches of pattern. I believe it’s important to maintain an open and playful work progress, so that the finished design is dynamic and vivacious. its not about prettiness and perception, but also about playing and experimenting with colours and scale” – Helene Blanche

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The delightful and ever-charming couple were not only generous with their time showing me around the shop – used until not so long ago as living quarters and now solely used as showroom and offices – but also around the floors upstairs where each room had just been redecorated to show off different, stunning mise-en-scènes and vignettes, with a (current) common denominator: shades of green, blue and teal – an ineluctable bonding element between Helene and A-Gent of Style. Helene also kindly let me in a few secrets and showed me her new, unfinished designs, that already promise to be appealing. Stay tuned!

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photo 1

photo 2




– Photos by TAPET-CAFE and A-Gent of Style – 


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Whilst the sunny, gently windswept weather A-Gent of Style was graced with during his stay in Copenhagen in the last week couldn’t have been more fortuitous, most of his peregrinations took place in the moody, atmospheric, dare I say it, romantic light of dusk that struck punctually every day after 3.48pm – that’s Scandinavia for you in the winter months.

Judging from his own experiences (all documented on Instagram, ad nauseam), København certainly lived up to its reputation as the most liveable city of the year (as voted in 2014 by Monocle magazine for the second consecutive year), and A-Gent of Style will hasten to add, an enchanting and vibrant one at that. The Nordic style in design is still all the rage and the world is currently looking north for inspiration which will explain why Copenhagen has long been on the global style radar.

As serendipity would have it, he stumbled across a great find one day in what soon became his favourite street in the hip quarter of Nyhavn where he was staying.


Moody and atmospheric too but also ethereal, nude and minimal is that special space that is the brainchild of creative consultant and interior designer Oliver Gustav.

From his eponymous studio, showroom and boutique, debonair Oliver Gustav offers unique and limited edition pieces, objets, natural curiosities and some beautiful (Belgian) linens from a carefully curated edit of international designers and artists, not too dissimilar to Willer in London, Galerie Salon in Paris (both featured by A-Gent of Style) John Derian in New York, and Gray Gallery in L.A. Set on a monochrome backdrop, mixed with strong and modern cultural influences, Gustav’s peaceful and spellbinding interiors make striking use of light and shadow – like a modern interpretation on chiaroscuro à la Caravaggio – underscoring his attention to surfaces and scale. With this serene ambience, his spaces offer a truly seldom experience rooted in a timeless and beautifully honest simplicity.

This creative sanctuary set in a dramatic atmosphere where the stark and modern are contrasted against rare antique finds and exquisite collectables, such as the special edition Arne Jacobsen Drop Chair and the now much featured Cloud lighting fixture by Apparatus (also storied here), is a great source of inspiration and a must-see for any design enthusiasts in Copenhagen.



























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– Photos by A-Gent of Style except photo of Oliver Gustav – 


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