Spring is officially amongst us, it’s time for a re-naissance and spring cleaning is in order, in the house and in life.

Here is A-Gent of Style‘s selection of the latest publications that have piqued his interest recently.

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The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act will come into effect tomorrow in England and Wales. This is a historic moment for lesbian, gay and bisexual people, their families and friends or any great person with strong convictions about what’s fair and right which will mean that, for the first time, children growing up to be gay in England and Wales will have full equality in law. We can now proudly claim to be a beacon to the world for gay equality.

To celebrate the seminal occasion, A-Gent of Style would like to share with you
New York-based photographer Braden Summers‘s stunning series
“All Love Is Equal” showcasing same-sex couples around the world.


Braden Summers had always loved romantic imagery, but nonetheless “came to a realization that I have a subconscious disconnection from said imagery because of the simple truth that the majority of the most influential images depict straight couples.”

Describing the “All Love Is Equal” series as being “reminiscent of the highly-produced romance images that we are fed on a daily basis,” he adds the shots were “not documentations of reality, but illustrations using models and real-life couples to help my viewers dream about having that type of romance.”

 Questioning against the will of social construct, Summers creates some powerful imagery of portraits depicting same-sex couples from various countries. Through this photo-series which had raised over $23,000 for the project via a Kickstarter campaign, Braden breaks the social boundaries and thereby focuses much on the idealisation of same-sex couples.

An admirable and humble photographer who spreads the word love.













– All photos by Braden Summers-



Nothing would make A-Gent of Style happier today than being instantly transported to the City of Light to attend the preview of this year’s new iteration of
the Pavilion of Art and Design, more familiarly known now as the PAD, returning to the Jardin des Tuileries and now in its 18th edition.

A-Gent of Style, a customary enthusiast of the Paris and also London fair for the last five years (you can see a couple of his previous features here and here) had to break his own-made tradition this spring as he has been invited by KLC School of Design, of which he is an alumnus, to give a few lectures at the end of this week, a great honour and privilege he could not possibly refrain from accepting.

Fullscreen capture 26032014 101849

Fullscreen capture 26032014 094621

PAD, pioneering event for Art and Design aficionados and collectors, has been reinventing for almost the past two decades the Cabinet d’Amateur and the notion of eclecticism, anticipating the aesthetic aspirations of its time. Season after season, it offers an intimate cocoon to those who have made decorative arts and design the core of their collection, driven by passion and heritage.

Fullscreen capture 26032014 103837


Every edition evolves in aim to create an unprecedented dialogue between modern art, historical and contemporary design and jewellry. This year will give greater room to Primitive Art, and will highlight the vitality of raising such perspectives. The engaging aspect of PAD is its invitation to enter a personal collection, conceived by a selection of seventy-five local and international art dealers – all of whom are leaders in their fields, eager to address each passionate collector in a unique manner. In this salon, mind is enlivened and imagination is exhilarated, as entering a place where the contemporary taste for 20th and 21st century decorative art is born.


Fullscreen capture 26032014 095543


This year again, the PAD Prize Jury will select from among the exhibitors the Award-Winning stand, Award-Winning Design Piece and Award-Winning 20th Century Decorative Art Piece. Each Award acknowledges the display and curatorial signature of the galleries’ booths and vignettes, as well as the quality and innovation of the works brought to the fair.

The Selection Committee, comprised of renowned art dealers, including some of A-Gent of Style‘s favourites such as Jacques Lacoste, Mathieu Richard, Chahan, Dansk Møbelkunst, Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Gallery 88, Yves Gastou and Rossella Colombari is responsible for the examination of each new candidacy at the fair according to the high standards for which the PAD has become known.

Fullscreen capture 26032014 095236


Since the PAD won’t open its doors to the public until tomorrow and his mole in Paris is not available today, A-Gent of Style sadly could not show you on time for today’s feature the stunning stands and seductive vignettes of this year’s sophisticated fair but in the meanwhile here is his selection of some of the wondrous objets on show ready to dazzle the connoisseurs during its four-day run.

And as usual, don’t hesitate to get in touch with A-Gent of Style at if you want to get some information about any piece.

Fullscreen capture 26032014 101939


Fullscreen capture 26032014 101824

Fullscreen capture 26032014 100753

Fullscreen capture 26032014 101626

Fullscreen capture 26032014 101550


Fullscreen capture 26032014 100730


Fullscreen capture 26032014 103418

Fullscreen capture 26032014 115512

Fullscreen capture 26032014 100749

Fullscreen capture 26032014 101653

Fullscreen capture 26032014 101756.bmp

Fullscreen capture 26032014 100746

Fullscreen capture 26032014 103312

Fullscreen capture 26032014 101838

Fullscreen capture 26032014 100735

Fullscreen capture 26032014 101835

Fullscreen capture 26032014 115606

Fullscreen capture 26032014 103346

Fullscreen capture 26032014 100742

Fullscreen capture 26032014 101816

Fullscreen capture 26032014 101805

Fullscreen capture 26032014 101725


Fullscreen capture 26032014 101731

– Photos by PAD and AD France –

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