If you remember his postCamila Chameleon‘ on the blog last November, you will already know how passionately A-Gent of Style feels about Kids Company and its formidable founder Camila Batmanghelidjh.

Today, A-Gent of Style would like to draw your attention to the most noble charity fundraiser, The Spring Clean, created by design duo Carden Cunietti. Taking place at the end of this week in a London pop-up shop, this three-day event will sell donated interiors objects to raise money for the London children’s charity.

A-Gent of Style would like to take this opportunity to thank the designers he bullied approached in the last couple of weeks and who generously gave away some of their unwanted rolls of fabrics and wallpapers. We hope to see as many of you at this fun and noteworthy event and raise as much money as possible. See all details below.




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SpringCleanFlyer Final to send as Invite - Copy

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Below, some of the donations up for grabs:

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After a few weeks of anticipation and excitement, A-Gent of Style is proud to announce the online publication today of the ‘Interiors Curated’ project he has been working on with Christie’s, now live on their website before the print publication in June of the magazine supplement.


Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 08.35.05

Some of you will now be familiar with the several collaborations
A-Gent of Style has made with Christie’s in the last six months featuring on his blog discerning sales. A couple of months ago, Christie’s Interiors, offered in
South Kensington and New York, approached A-Gent of Style to be one of their ‘Arbiters of Style’ or ‘tastemakers’ to select his favourite picks from two sales coming up in June in London.

To be presented with the unique opportunity to visit the auctioneers’ warehouses in London and make a selection from a thousand odd, one-of-a-kind objets and collectibles in various styles from antique to contemporary was a thrilling experience for A-Gent of Style.

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Choosing 5 or 6 objets out of some 1,000 wasn’t an easy task. Mindful of imagining an eclectic vignette where his six chosen objects would be harmoniously collected in one sitting room, A-Gent of Style’s criteria for his selection were based firstly on aesthetics then origins, originality, quirkiness rather than provenance and value.

Some of you will have seen a teaser on Instagram a few days ago but today,
A-Gent of Style can reveal below the screenshots of his feature which you can also view fully here on Christie’s website.


Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 08.35.20

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 08.35.30

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 08.35.36

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 08.35.43

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 08.35.50

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 08.35.56

Here are some of A-Gent of Style‘s favourite pieces that sadly did not make it to his final edit.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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You can view the full catalogue here

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You can view the full catalogue here

A-Gent of Style would like to thank the staff at Christie’s who have helped and supported him during this project, particularly Charlotte Stewart, associate director, whose expertise, support and enthusiasm were greatly appreciated.

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– All images by Christie’s –


A-Gent of Style
is delighted to announce a new feature on the blog,
“Curated Series”, which will showcase the latest collection that has inspired him in the world of design. Today’s post introduces the first collection.


Cactus Flower I, Tai Ping showroom, Design Center East, London

Cactus Flower I, Tai Ping showroom, Chelsea Harbour Design Centre East, London

Back in March this year, A-Gent of Style went to the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre to explore what Design Week had to offer and, as per his custom, paid a visit to his most cherished Tissus d’Hélène. As he entered the corridor on the fourth floor of the Design Centre East building, A-Gent of Style noticed from the corner of his eye a strikingly bold rug through a small glass window of the Tai Ping showroom that was reminiscent principally of iconic Gio Ponti designs and other interiors references. Enthused by this ravishing sight (and at the prospect of having a catch-up with Tai Ping’s delightfully sunny team), A-Gent of Style went in the high-end carpet showroom to investigate, explore, question and scrutinise the rug. And here are his findings.


Samples from The Beacons Edition by Edward Fields, Tai Ping showroom, Design Center East, London

Samples from The Beacon Edition by Edward Fields, Tai Ping showroom, Chelsea Harbour Design Centre East, London


One of five unique carpet brands represented at Tai Ping, all brilliantly designed and customised to match each designer’s unique vision,
Edward Fields Carpet Makers launched in autumn 2013 the Beacon Edition, a vibrant new rug collection edition (Edward Fields preferred this terminology for his collections, a term borrowed from the worlds of art and publishing, implying artistry, rarity, and value), as well as seven new designs. Suffused with complex textures and patterns mixed with both bright and muted tones that have resulted in a series of rugs that are intrinsically rustic, yet modern, the Beacon Edition takes inspiration from minimalist mid-century desert houses, with a backdrop of Native American age-old craftsmanship, to a bold, fresh and simple (visually not technically) stage. Large and small-scale geometric designs taken from woven folkloric images, as well as repeated asymmetric, flame-stitch and diamond patterns, are used in unusual and vivid color combinations.

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Shamefully unbeknowst to him, A-Gent of Style discovered Edward Fields (1912-1979) was an american carpet maker known worldwide for producing heirloom quality custom floorcoverings for America’s greatest architects and interior designers. Recognised today as a carpet maker guru, Fields was also noted for his polymathic talents as an entrepreneur, a visionary, a family man, and a dandy
– also known these days as an a-gent of style…

Introduced abruptly into the carpet business by his uncle after the untimely death of his father in the midst of The Great Depression, Fields learned his trade in the fast lane and opened in 1935 his own business at the tender age of 23 years old.
A vanguard of the American design scene, Edward Fields Carpet Makers has been creating ever since bespoke luxury carpets and rugs for over 70 years, known for unparalleled design, quality and craftsmanship. As for all of Tai Ping creations, an Edward Fields carpet is a study in customization whereby each piece that is produced is bespoke, tailored precisely to the aesthetic vision and practical requirements of their clients. Every design progresses through a meticulously managed hand-manufacturing process. Found in architectural landmarks as well as notable private residences across the world, Edward Fields’ extraordinary custom capabilities have made it a trade secret among designers for decades and the luxury custom house that is still revered today.


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So without further ado, here is a selection of Edward Fields’ Beacon Edition, a dazzling array of rugs for the “fifth wall”, an analogy penned by Fields himself to describe the floor and the importance of treating this surface as a key decorative element, too often neglected these days (A-Gent of style was told by Veere Grenney a few years ago that during his time at Colefax & Fowler in the 1980s, an antique carpet would always be the starting point to a decoration scheme).

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Cactus Flower I

A geometric abstraction utilizing diamond shapes that rhythmically fold in multiple directions, depicting the petals and scales of a cactus flower; this pattern is made of natural gray wool and silk in acid yellow and chartreuse.

Fullscreen capture 29042014 111237

Fullscreen capture 29042014 111141


Below, a slideshow displaying the iconic diamond and triangle-shaped designs
Gio Ponti used in two of his projects (and A-Gent of Style‘s dream destinations), Parco dei Principi  hotel in Sorrento and Villa Planchart in Venezuela, that reminded him of Cactus Flower I, and other ‘trending’ references similar to
Cactus Flower I spotted by A-Gent of Style over the months:

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Intaglio I

A geometric design from the Edward Fields archives depicts the carving of layers into darker rocks to reveal a stratum of lighter soil; this design is illuminated by rich shades of green silk supplemented with natural wools.

Fullscreen capture 29042014 111401

Fullscreen capture 29042014 111357

Edward Fields flagship showroom, A&D Building, New York

Edward Fields flagship showroom, A&D Building, New York

Zig Zag I

A large-scale, abstract, early 1970s piece from the Edward Fields archives featuring interlocking geometric shapes and bands, mirror each other in an asymmetrical way.

Fullscreen capture 29042014 111442

Fullscreen capture 29042014 111438

Edward Fields flagship showroom, A&D Building, New York

Edward Fields flagship showroom, A&D Building, New York

Slats Incredible I

An intricate design abstraction from the late 1980s recolored in bordeaux, yellow, and light blue in silk and wool is reminiscent of traditional basket weaving techniques.


Fullscreen capture 29042014 111427

Ricochet I

Features high and low cut pile in a bold and timeless pattern from the 1970s, with an irregular concentric design and uneven borders.


Fullscreen capture 29042014 111420

Fullscreen capture 29042014 111415

Edward Fields showroom in the A&D Building in New York

Edward Fields flagship showroom, A&D Building, New York



Edward Fields flagship showroom, A&D Building, New York

Desert Rose I

A concentric flame-stitch design in a square rug composition, adapted from the archives and dated from 1986; this piece has been reprised in Beacon with a new combination of natural gray wools and salmon silks.

Fullscreen capture 29042014 111309

Fullscreen capture 29042014 111225

Evening Sun I

A geometric allegory of sunrays in tones of oranges; this archival border design from 1984 is crafted in wool cut pile with wool loop outlines.

Fullscreen capture 29042014 111344

Fullscreen capture 29042014 111328

If you would like to see the entire Beacon Edition or find out more about
Edward Fields and Tai Ping, you can contact Tai Ping’s UK Managing Director Kathryn Hallam on +44 (0)207 808 9650 or by email at

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Fullscreen capture 29042014 113241

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– All photos by Edward Fields, Tai Ping and A-Gent of Style


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