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A-Gent of Style. I am Fabrice Bana, its founder and editor, and also a French Interior Designer who has lived in London for 18 years. I draw my inspiration from design, interiors, architecture, the arts and antiques as much as fashion, music, travel, nature and food. With my inquisitive mind, impulsive sense of style and discerning eye for detail, I keep my finger on the pulse and I am always on the look-out for anything inspiring, intoxicating, sybaritic or simply authentic. I decided to create A-Gent of Style to document my musings, express my interests, creativity and individualism, put the spotlight on what assaults my senses and lifts my spirits but also to chronicle my everyday adventures and occurrences.



Christie’s South Kensington, London, 2015

Photograph by Carol Sachs


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