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When you think there isn’t any more room for yet another home decorating business in this saturated market, enters the Original Cushion Cº. This new, exciting venture will come as a relief and possibly a godsend to most decorators in search of a quick fix to an ongoing conundrum.

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The Original Cushion Cº is an online selling platform that offers a collection of fine, limited edition, designer cushions upholstered in exquisite fabrics by browsing one-off cushions by collection, size and material.

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Founder Erik Karlsen has a life-long passion for fabric and design. He first made his name in design as the founder of Jane Churchill Ltd, the fabric and wallpaper brand, now a part of Colefax and Fowler, and has established himself as a fine and refined decorator over the years. Some of you might remember his exquisite country home featured in July 2011 in House & Garden.

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Borne out of Erik’s frustration to be unable to find beautiful fine cushions to finish a room (or in A-Gent of Style‘s case being unable to order a small amount of fabric for one small cushion because the minimum order is greater than the quantity required or the shipping costs are higher than the actual fabric), it is no surprise that Erik, coupled with his extensive contacts in the textiles industry, started the Original Cushion. His cushions are beautiful, luxuriously padded cushions made in a studio in Suffolk and created out of the most beautiful designs, colours and fabrics (some of you will immediately recognise some iconic Fortuny designs) as well as the finest duck feather and down.

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To make things even more glamourous and special, each cushion comes beautifully packaged in a gift box, wrapped in tissue paper and tied with ribbon, and can be dispatched in the UK within a few days or internationally.

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There is also a useful section on the site that allows you to select your favourite cushions into a scrapbook where you can change their size, position and colour background, and another section that shows how to plump a cushion. A simple but invaluable tip. Tried and tested by A-Gent of Style. So never commit the cardinal sin to beat your cushion! Or call its founder a fluffer.

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– Imagery by Original Cushion Co – 

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