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A friend of A-Gent of Style notified him last week of a new design tour de force – this time from the retail design world – which is not only impressive but also refreshing to see as a leading fashion house has taken the risk to think out of the box and given a new spin on window displays by using traditional, crafty mediums. Enough reasons for a feature on this blog.

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French graphic design studio Zim & Zou (Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann) have lent their skills once again for fashion house Hermès by crafting a fantasy and whimsical window for their Barcelona store in Paseo de Gracià, with intricately folded and vibrantly coloured paper and leather, all created painstakingly by hand. Some of you might remember
A-Gent of Style‘s feature last Christmas of the not too dissimilar award-winning Winter Wonderland displays at nationwide John Lewis stores made out of plastic, metallic and synthetic household products.

The Hermès-orange and blue hues of this scene tells the story of a small fox who inhabits the rather 1950s-looking space with his own personal objects, giving a glimpse into his life (wait to see the framed photographs!), quirks and personality (so much for anthropomorphism).

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A month and a half, 68 tubes of glue and 144 large sheets of paper later, ‘the fox’s den’ was completed with (human) geometric-ornamented furniture and household objects all made of paper, from the table and stool he sits on and stares at the onlookers to the assemblage of photos hanging on the fanciful floral-and-sylvan patterned wall (yet to be identified by A-Gent of Style). The fox sculpture alone was made from Hermès’ leather remnants and took two weeks to make. Each small piece was cut by hand and then glued slowly together so that the fox could look as realistic as possible. And doesn’t he just look cute!

Hermès accessories such as ties, scarves and shoes are strategically placed throughout the dwelling, uniting the fashion label’s wearable designs and the delicate and complex paper craft work.

In this CAD-saturated world where one can easily OCD on too much digital, how exhilarating to see a tangible, concrete solution that embraces craftsmanship and artistry but also the whimsical, the playful and the adorable.

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– all imagery by Nacho Vaquero, courtesy of Zim & Zou –

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