A-Gent of Style was delighted to be able to get his hands on his first copy of
Design Anthology a couple of few weeks ago at the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour. Asia’s new, premier English-language interiors, design, architecture and creative culture magazine will be published quarterly and available internationally.
The brainchild of Hong Kong-based interior designer Suzi Annetta of Studio Annetta, Design Anthology claims to be “for design connoisseurs and bon vivants”. It is now officially on A-Gent of Style‘s list of noteworthy publications.


Amongst the different, eclectic projects featured in Design Anthology’s first issue, ‘La Villa Verte’ is, according to A-Gent of Style, the most arresting of them all. Situated in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, this stunning house belongs and was decorated by the brilliant French interior and furniture designer Bruno de Caumont who settled a few years ago in the Vietnamese capital city, once a French territory, where he makes his own furniture, mostly with lacquer, one of A-Gent of Style‘s favourite finishes (see his retrospective on lacquer in interiors here).

Whilst there are sadly no exterior shots of the house (the project was also published last month in the French Elle Decoration), each room in ‘La Villa Verte’ – inspired by the verdant green colour of a local lotus flower – is set alight and suffused with vibrant, glorious colours, mostly solid and plain (bar the tiled floors and walls reminiscent of Andrée Putman, there are no patterned fabrics here; ok, one tiny black and white check on the sofa next to Caumont’s own wool rug), represented in either close tonal gradations à la David Collins (have you all got your own copy of ABCDCS yet??) or in wonderfully clashing combinations.

Fullscreen capture 08062014 192720

In this 1950s house where no ornate mouldings or florid ceiling rose take centre stage, the pared down, uncluttered almost streamlined look redolent of some of European designers of that era (Gio Ponti’s blue masterpiece, the iconic Hotel Parco dei Principi in Sorrento, springs to mind here when you see the blue bedrooms) is complemented with Chinoiserie and Japanned elements. Despite the vivacious palette and explosion of colours similar to India Madhavi’s, you could never tell this oxymoronically bold but tranquil house is located in the noisy scooter-ridden city centre.

Caumont’s own designs of lacquered wood furniture, taken mostly from his latest collection Annam consisting of 25 Asian-inspired pieces like his brass-sabot Thalos stools, benches and tables, find their inspirations from 19th and 20th centuries with reinterpretations of classical work and original creations, eschewing fleeting seasonal trends. Caumont’s pieces are juxtaposed with timeless objects and antiques, sourced locally or regionally (notice Caumont’s beautiful Georges Jouve-esque metal wall sconces).

A-Gent of Style wishes he had seen this delightfully charming house when he went to Vietnam a few years ago. For now, he will have to keep contemplating these glorious photographs.


Fullscreen capture 08062014 192802.bmp


Fullscreen capture 08062014 204426

Fullscreen capture 08062014 210442.bmp

Fullscreen capture 08062014 210633.bmp

Fullscreen capture 08062014 210511.bmp

Fullscreen capture 08062014 210735.bmp

Fullscreen capture 08062014 210831.bmp

Fullscreen capture 08062014 210638.bmp

Fullscreen capture 08062014 210534.bmp




Fullscreen capture 08062014 192821



– Photographs from Design Anthology and Elle Decoration

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  • Nicole

    This looks like a great book with wonderful images. Thank you for informing me of its existence x

    June 9, 2014

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