Well, you don’t get to wake up very often on a Saturday morning with your name appearing in the Financial Times. But A-Gent of Style did!


 After a few weeks of anticipation and keeping quiet about it (oh the agony),
A-Gent of Style was thrilled to finally see a couple of days ago the article for which he had collaborated. Last December, the award-winning interiors journalist
Kate Watson-Smyth approached A-Gent of Style to help her with a special feature on Art Deco and Paris, the equivalent for him, in decorative terms, to manna.

Watson-Smyth’s timing for this feature is perfect as Paris and Art Deco are once again – as they were ninety-odd years ago – at the epicentre of the design scene. Kate brilliantly explains and illustrates the article with beautiful images of iconic, precious
Art Deco objects mixed with contemporary, more affordable ones.

There is currently in the French capital an exhibition at Sotheby’s for the forthcoming sale of
Felix Marcilhac’s seminal collection (A-Gent collaborated with the auction house on this topic a few weeks ago; you can see his article here), and also the brilliant ‘1925, When Art Deco Dazzled the World’ retrospective at the Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine
(two weeks ago, A-Gent of Style was given a three-hour long private tour of the exhib which will feature on this blog by the end of this week; stay tuned) as well as newly famed Parisian designers with an Art Deco sensitivity, (Jean-Louis Deniot, Pierre Yovanovitch, Joseph Dirand) and of course stupendous buildings almost a century old, all of which are testament of the importance and influence of Art Deco today.

If you did not get your copy at the weekend of the FT, you will find below the scanned article, or for a better quality, you can read it online here.

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  • punam

    Like wow, so amazing to see and so informative!

    February 17, 2014

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