Sometimes, one makes promises to oneself knowing perfectly well one won’t keep said promises.

A-Gent of Style is in the thralls of last-minute packing before a much-anticipated break in the sun and had decided not to blog for a whole week – a first! But sometimes life throws things at you unexpectedly.

In this case, it was more a case of the postman throwing a big, heavy, sealed parcel at me (almost literally) two days ago, which could mean only two things:  the October issue of The World of Interiors had arrived and I had to break my oath (and hurriedly use scanned photographs; apology in advance for the poor quality).

‘Heralded’ last week on Facebook as being as voluminous as the iconic Vogue ‘September Issue’, I furiously ripped open the white envelope as if it were Christmas Day wondering who would be on the cover. And there it was, with all its tell-tale clues:

A most glamourous and serene off-white boudoir with a David Hicks-esque off-white and gold-trimmed four-poster bed graced by a mink throw, an armchair upholstered in Quadrille‘s timeless Arbre de Matisse Reverse, a chequerboard rug and white linen fabric on the walls. And that immediately screamed to me: Veere Grenney.

Until you receive your own copy with the glossy photographs, I will let you rejoice in this tour de force of interior design that is Veere Greney and David Oliver’s splendid townhouse in Central London. Having worked for Veere Grenney Associates and because of what could be ‘a conflict of interest’, A-Gent of Style had to restrain himself from ‘analysing’ and ‘dissecting’ this feature. Sometimes words are not needed; photographs speak for themselves. But what I can say is that I had been to site before the project started and that it was simply a…dump…

…until two accomplished design aesthetes work their magic!



  • A sneak peak treat, indeed – especially for us in the states who receive our copies at least two weeks later! And what an exciting , different direction for Mr. Grenney whose previous quietly elegant London home I believed could not be improved upon. But I’m loving the pattern and saturated color in the salon a la David Hicks. Cheers – really enjoying your posts!

    September 16, 2013
    • fabricebana

      Thank you Christopher. I am delighted I came across your blog. It’s so inspiring and educational. I am learning so much from you and your posts. You will enjoy Mr Grenney’s house even more when you receive your copy and see the beautiful glossy photos, and the cover! I am very honoured to be able to recognise almost every piece in each room, having handled or catalogued them myself at one point or another. An impressive collection. All the best, Fabrice

      September 17, 2013

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