Be ready to be thunderstruck!

For that is what éclair literally means in French: lightning or thunder.

And they are about to conquer the world. The famous oblong choux pastry filled with cream is about to topple the macaroon and cupcake of their culinary pedestals.

When I was a kid in France and until only a couple of years ago, they only came in chocolate or coffee  (the latter being too ‘adult’ for my tastebuds) and were NEVER filled with whipped cream -“Certainly not in France, non!” would say the purists – but only with a thick chocolate or coffee-flavoured custard. Unless of course you shopped at Fauchon who was the precursor of reinventing the éclair in 2002 (they even created an annual “éclair weekend” in September!).

Now, this resurgence and renaissance of éclairs have captivated some of the most notorious French patissiers but also their counterparts abroad: Selfridges, M&S, Michel Roux or Jamie Oliver in the UK and even the carb-free L.A at Bottega Louie.

In Paris, two very stylish boutiques dedicated to the éclair have opened, L’atelier de l’Eclair and Eclair de Génie (with Fauchon’s former pastry chef, Christophe Adam). A-Gent of Style HAD to make a détour after his visit to  Atelier Brancusi (Wednesday’s feature).

Now you can try them in almost any flavour; not only the sweet variety – lemon meringue, salted caramel & mascarpone, apple & almond, peach-raspberry to name but a few – but also the savoury kind – salmon and dill, foie gras and fig (perfect at fancy cocktail parties, I am told, washed down with champagne), goat cheese and pesto, roasted ham and comté cheese…

I am sure Marie-Antoinette would have approved.

Let them eat…éclairs!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  • Love it!! Great post.

    June 7, 2013
  • Waoo, excellent article, mouthwatering 🙂
    These French patissiers really know their job

    October 30, 2015

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