Finally! I’ve managed to listen to Spencer Day‘s fourth and latest album, The Mystery of You, and I’m delighted to say A friend of mine lent me the signed copy that he picked up in L.A last week from Monsieur Day himself since it is not available on iTunes UK yet.

Spencer Day is modern jazz singer, songwriter and pianist based in San Francisco who has now released four albums: Introducing Spencer Day (2004), Movie of Your Life (2005), Vagabond (2009) and The Mystery of You (2013). I first discovered him not through his music but on stage last summer when he was performing in the Hurly Burly show in the West End. I got to listen to his music for the first time only a few weeks ago after another friend of mine was praising Day, whom he knows well, and his new album on the Book of Faces. I immediately downloaded his penultimate album, Vagabond, and I must admit it was a bit like love-at-first-listen, the kind of overwheling feeling that makes you think “Where have I/has he been all those years?”. Since then, I’ve let myself be transported and wrapped up in the thralls of the balladeer’s suave, velvety voice and his soulful harmonies. E.v.e.r.y.d.a.y (yes, I know, slightly obsessive).

Comparisons with Michael Buble are inevitable eventhough Spencer Day is not one-dimensional and his music genre doesn’t tick only one box. The Mystery of You‘s atmospheric melodies shift between soul, Latin jazz, Western movies, early-’60s pop, and film noir soundtracks. His voice reminds me at times of Harry Connick Jr, Michael Feinstein or Chet Baker but also of Morrissey circa The Arsenal in some of his songs (Somewhere On the Other Side, Soul on Fire…). Spencer (for I feel I almost know him well now that I’ve listened to 27 of his semi(?)-autographical songs on a loop) has a magical way with words that resonate with my sensibilities and go directly to my feelings and deep down into the rooms of my souls.

I created A-Gent of Style whilst discovering Spencer Day’s musical world and in a way his music has become the soundtrack of this blog. I know already that upon hearing his symphonies in 10, 20, 30 years’ time, it will take me back to today. If you haven’t discovered this talented (and easy on the eye) crooner, don’t waste anymore time. It could make your, ahem, Day.

Listen here to The Mystery of You.  I will of course let you know when he comes to London to perform hopefully this year. Watch this space…




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